Alcoholic Drinks Taste Better When Chilled

A drink being poured over ice with an orange garnish

As the temperatures rise and the day becomes longer, many Canadians are looking forward to patio season and enjoying a few drinks outdoors with friends. If you are someone who likes white wine, you will probably notice a difference in taste between white wine that’s been chilled and white wine that’s been stored in room temperature. According to Punch magazine, the reason many people prefer chilled white wine is because the acidity becomes stronger and the alcohol becomes more subdued when white wine has been stored in cold temperature. When white wine is served warm, the alcoholic taste becomes enhanced and the texture and flavours become very strong. While not every white wine is meant to be served chilled, Punch magazine said the majority of wine lovers in recent decades have favoured white wines that are light in texture and high in acidity. At high end bars and restaurants, white wines like sauvignon blanc, riesling, albariño and Muscadet are often kept at no higher than 40°F /4°C for a crisp, fresh taste.

If you prefer a pint of beer instead of a glass of wine, you will notice the difference in taste between cold and warm beer too! Cold sensation suppresses our tastebuds so we can’t detect any chemical taste. Lager beers, in particular, can produce a simpler and cleaner flavour when they have been refrigerated. In addition, there are natural ingredients in IPAs (India pale ales) that can go bad if they are not kept in cold temperatures. To preserve the freshness of IPAs, it’s best to refrigerate them.

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