Buds Will Lose Potency When Stored in Room Temperature

Cannabis being moved from storage to being weighed

Did you know that storing cannabis at room temperature can negatively affect its potency? Keeping buds sealed in air tight packaging in a cool, dark place is the best way to ensure your products will last a long time. According to cannabis research conducted by the University of Mississippi, cooler temperatures can slow cannabis deterioration to a little less than 0.5% per month, which is not very noticeable when storing for just a few months. Over the course of a year, the THC content in cannabis will deteriorate at up to 4% when stored in a freezer, at up to 5.4% when stored in refrigerator temperature, and at up to 16% if left in room temperature. For those who are unfamiliar with THC, it refers to a psychoactive compound in marijuana – a natural substance in the cannabis plant that makes people feel “high” when consumed. Amongst cannabis users, THC is also known to provide pain relief and reduction in insomnia and other chronic symptoms. The higher the THC content, the more potent the cannabis. To protect cannabis products from THC deterioration, it is best to store them in the freezer if they are not expected to be consumed very soon, or in the refrigerator if they are expected to be consumed in the short term.

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