Customer Safety is Our #1 Priority

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It’s very important for owners and employees of businesses to stay safe while working at night, no matter what season it is. Of course, it’s easier for someone to slip and fall on ice and snow during the winter, but it’s also possible to trip over things on the ground during the summertime. According to WorkSafe Saskatchewan, people who work late into the night (or who work nightshifts) should always wear high visibility clothing and bring flashlights with them whenever possible. High visibility tape should be placed on boxes and equipment to make them stand out, and workers should be told where all the vehicles and equipment are, and which path to take to reach them. Most importantly, WorkSafe Saskatchewan says proper work area lighting is key to ensuring safety at work. This means all of the physical spaces where workers are expected to work from should have adequate lighting to prevent slips, falls, and other accidents at work. At Coolmate Rentals, we understand the importance of safety from Day One, and we treat our customers’ safety and security as our top priorities. Our rental mobile coolers, freezers, and combo cooler and freezer units are all equipped with bright interior globe light and/or fluorescent ceiling lights for increased visibility during night-time operations. We also provide our customers with locks and keys to ensure that their goods are securely stored overnight or while no one is watching. As well, our easy access stairs are custom made to the perfect height for everyone to reach the unit. There is no need for stretching or jumping up and down while accessing our coolers or freezers at any time! If you want to learn more about our cooler units or if you are looking for a freezer portable for festivals, special events, or corporate functions, please reach out to Coolmate Rentals directly. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a safe, secure, and hassle-free rental experience.