Don’t Let Cold Storage Constraints Ruin Your Inventory

Eggs in a carton looking sad

We understand that businesses often have cold storage constraints because space is precious at their location. But don’t let these cold storage constraints ruin your valuable inventory. If your catering, restaurant or grocery business is anticipating an increase in inventory for one reason or another, and you do not have the refrigerated space to store them, please make sure you reach out to Coolmate Rentals for help. You could rent a walk in cooler from Coolmate Rentals on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and we even offer a 3-day weekend rate. Our rental mobile coolers and freezers (and combo cooler and freezer units) come in sizes from 6’ to 16’. Once a rental agreement is signed, we will deliver the trailer to your location and verify the correct temperature for you. When you are done with the trailer, Coolmate Rentals will come back to take it away. The rental process at Coolmate Rentals is simple and easy to understand every time. If you are a business in the Greater Toronto Area looking for more cold storage space, please reach out to Coolmate Rentals to further discuss mobile refrigeration solutions.