October is Small Business Month

Thank you for shopping local written on a chalk board

Did you know that October is Small Business Month in Canada? Small Business Month first started in 2006 as Small Business Week but eventually grew to become a month-long celebration of small businesses and entrepreneurs in Canada. During the month of October, small businesses and entrepreneurs in Ontario and across the country come together to attend business events, seminars, and networking functions to share their knowledge and journey to success. Organizations such as the BDC, Startup Canada, Futurepreneur, and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce are all hosting events (both virtual and in-person) during the month of October to bring thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs together. Small businesses are very important to the health of the Canadian economy. In 2018, small businesses employed 8.4 million Canadians, which is equivalent to 70% of the total labour force. Needless to say, small businesses can make big impacts in every town and city across the country. 

At Coolmate Rentals, we understand how much restaurants, grocers, florists, and catering businesses contribute to the local economy. As a small, Toronto-based business ourselves, we care about the experience of our small business clients. When you rent our walk-in coolers or walk-in freezer, you can be sure that they are well-cleaned and sanitized using food-safe cleaners that are rated to also kill the coronavirus. Our fleet of rental mobile coolers, freezers, and combo cooler and freezer units range from 6’ to 16’ in size to meet diverse business needs. Once you are done with the cooler units, we will come back to take the trailer away – it’s that easy. We’ve been receiving many December bookings for freezer rentals lately, so if you or your business is in need of temporary cold storage space for the winter holidays, please call us now to reserve a trailer and don’t delay until the last minute.