Plan For Extra Refrigeration Space

Whether it’s a corporate function, a black-tie party, or a wedding reception for friends and families, it’s important for catering managers to plan ahead of time to make sure everything runs smoothly on the day of the event. According to Amadeus Hospitality, there are 7 things that caterers can do to make an event memorable for clients and attendees. They are:

  1. Make an impeccable first impression
    • First impressions matter! Catering managers should always try to respond to clients promptly and be attentive to their goals for the event
  2. Personalize from the beginning
    • Add a personalized touch wherever possible, so the client and attendees will feel like the event is genuinely tailored for them.
  3. Facilitate seamless communication
    • Effective communication between the catering manager and the client is essential. Everything from dinner menus to vendors to delivery schedules and payment due dates have to be clear to all parties.
  4. Wow with food and beverage
    • Creating a memorable event requires great food and drinks! Collaborate with a talented chef to create a menu that is delicious and visually appealing.
  5. Make great use of event space
    • Catering managers should always create a diagram of the venue space to show the client where the tables will be arranged and how every corner of space will be utilized to create the desired atmosphere.
  6. Prepare staff ahead of time
    • It’s important for all catering and server staff to understand the flow of the event. Great service during the event is key to leaving a good impression with attendees and it makes your event stand out from the competition.
  7. Plan for the Unexpected
    • Stockpile additional extension cords, chargers, adaptors, lighters, tablecloth etc. to avoid unpleasant mishaps during the event. Also, make sure there is extra food, beverages, and cocktail mixes available because customers always come back for more when the food is good, plus the bar is always a favourite spot at parties.

To add to #7, Coolmate Rentals recommends booking extra refrigeration storage to prevent food items and perishable ingredients from going to waste due to insufficient refrigerated space at the event venue. As a provider of mobile refrigeration solutions, Coolmate Rentals can provide trailers in sizes ranging from 6’ to 16’ to fit different budgets and different needs. Our white glove service means we will always deliver the trailer on time and we will set up the trailer, verify the proper temperature, and haul the trailer away when it’s no longer needed. If you or your catering business is planning a special event this holiday season, please reach out to Coolmate Rentals and we’ll find the appropriate mobile refrigeration solution for you.