Refrigeration Rentals Are Essential for Commercial Kitchens

In home kitchens, customers will find it sufficient to buy and store enough meats and produce to feed a family for a few days before making another trip to the grocery store. In restaurants, however, kitchens have to fulfil the orders of many customers over the course of a week, and the amount of cold storage space required for the storage of fresh ingredients can be immense. Meat items, in particular, are known to take up a lot of space in commercial kitchens because restaurants like to buy bigger and more unique cuts of meat to impress customers. The last thing a restaurant owner will want to tell customers is that they have run out of meat, or that they can’t offer the same menu item as a competitor across the street. Fortunately, you can rent a walk in cooler! The availability of rental mobile coolers and freezers can help restaurants alleviate the lack of cold storage space and bring peace of mind to restaurant owners. Coolmate Rentals can provide restaurants in Southern Ontario with a wide selection of mobile coolers, freezers, and combo cooler and freezer units in sizes ranging from 6’ to 16’. A rental mobile cooler or freezer will enable restaurants to buy more fresh ingredients in bulk and store bigger cuts of meat to meet customer demand. But equally important, Coolmate’s rental mobile refrigeration units are parked outdoors, saving valuable floor space inside the restaurant kitchen for food preparation and food processing equipment. Coolmate Rentals is currently experiencing a higher than usual volume of customer bookings for Easter and Passover in April and also for the Victoria Day long weekend in May. Businesses are advised to contact us as soon as possible before we run out of units in all available sizes for the spring.