Refrigeration Rentals for Wedding Cakes

Wedding cake sitting on a table.

Once upon a time the ancient Romans and Greeks believed that grains of wheat represented fertility. They would throw these grains at newlywed couples to encourage them to bear children. Eventually, these grains of wheat were baked into bread served at weddings, and, over time, people started to bake what we now call wedding cakes. In modern times, the wedding cake has become the centrepiece of wedding receptions – you just can’t find a wedding without cake! These confectionary masterpieces are not only pleasant to the eyes, they are delightful to the tastebuds. Having a multi-layered cake at a wedding is a sure-fire way to please everyone at the special occasion.

But no matter how beautiful a wedding cake is, it has to be preserved until the cake is cut and served at the wedding reception (for both taste and food safety). While some ingredients in a cake do not require refrigeration, many ingredients do. The biggest reason to refrigerate a wedding cake is to preserve the frosting. Many fat-based frostings will melt or spoil when stored in room temperature. According to Our Everyday Life magazine, cakes that are topped with “whipped cream, cream cheese frosting and American, Swiss or French buttercream” are very heat-sensitive. As well, cakes that contain “Italian buttercream, ganache and fondant” will require refrigeration if they are not consumed in a day or so. Cakes that contain fresh fruit, whipped cream, custard, pudding, or lemon curd as filling will also require refrigeration.

If you are a bakery, a bride-to-be, a groom-to-be, or a wedding planner for couples, you will need to find cold storage space for wedding cakes. At Coolmate Rentals, we can provide you with rental mobile coolers, freezers, and combo cooler and freezer units in sizes ranging from 6’ to 16’. Across Canada, June to September are the most popular months for weddings. If you are planning for an upcoming wedding this spring or summer, please remember to adhere to food safety and rent a walk in cooler to store your confectionaries. Call Coolmate Rentals today to find out how our short-term rental units can help you preserve cakes and other perishable foods at your special event.