Some Dog Foods Require Refrigeration Too

A bull dog eating out of his bowl

In recent years, many dog owners in the US and Canada have switched their dog’s diet from dry kibbles to fresh cooked and raw meats. Even large pet retailers like PetSmart have installed in-store coolers and freezers for the storage of fresh cooked and raw meats for dogs. But why did this food trend catch on amongst dog owners? According to Kabo, fresh cooked meats are better for dogs because they’re easier on the dog’s digestive system, increase the dog’s feeling of fullness (due to higher moisture content), and contain no additives. Typically, fresh cooked meats sold in pet stores will come in the form of meats, organ meats, animal fat, and ground bone with small amounts of vegetables mixed into the package. Since they are fresh cooked meats, they must be stored in a cooler or refrigerated space.

Some adventurous dog owners have even transitioned their dogs into 100% raw diets. According to the American Kennel Club, raw dog foods are made of uncooked organ meats, muscle meats, whole or ground bone, and even raw eggs. Many dog owners have switched their dogs to a raw diet because raw meats are believed to improve their dog’s coat, skin, teeth, and digestive systems. However, families that serve raw meats to dogs must deal with increased risk of food contamination when handling and preparing these products. To preserve freshness and to keep them from being spoiled, raw foods packaged for dogs must always be stored in the freezer.

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