Storage Tips for Pizza Doughs

Pizza dough being needed by hand.

Everyone knows what pizza dough is – it’s the stuff that pizzas are made of! But did you know that pizza dough can stay fresh for 5 days when it is stored in the fridge and for up to 3 months when it is stored in the freezer? In general, Pizzaiolos (chefs who specialize in making Italian pizzas) say the less yeast is used in the dough, the longer it will stay fresh. Below are some expert tips for storing pizza doughs in the fridge and in the freezer.

Fridge storage:
After you have made the pizza dough, you must let it ferment overnight in an airtight container and allow it to rise. When the rising is complete, you must then mold the dough into individual balls according to the size of the pizza you wish to make. At this point, you should avoid leaving the dough balls in room temperature for too long, as it could cause them to dry up. Before putting the dough balls back into airtight containers, you should coat them evenly in olive oil. Then you can store them in the fridge and take them out when you are ready to make pizzas.

Freezer storage:
The initial process for freezing pizza doughs should be the same as refrigerating pizza doughs. Once the individual dough balls have been brushed with olive oil, you should place them into an airtight plastic bag with as little air as possible. Doing this will help save the dough balls from freezer burn. When you are ready to use the dough balls, you should first thaw them in the refrigerator overnight, then take them into room temperature for pizza making.

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