The Ex Returns to Toronto!

People on a ride at a fair

After a two-year hiatus, the CNE (also known as The Ex) is back at Exhibition Place in Toronto. Founded in 1879, The Ex is Canada’s largest annual fair. Families can enjoy plenty of food, sports games, live entertainment, and a large carnival midway with games and rides. Food vendors at The Ex have always tried to showcase their skills by coming up with new and exciting food items. This year, fair goers can enjoy unique treats such as ketchup and mustard ice-cream, deep fried coffee, 10-inch mozzarella sticks, and mac and cheese lemonade. As well, classic CNE comfort foods like cheap spaghetti, corn dogs, and deep-fried candy bars are back on the menus. For those who seek adventure, the Krispy Kreme pulled pork sandwich, squid-ink Korean corn dog, and flaming hot Cheetos smash burger are guaranteed to stir up your tastebuds. Coolmate Rentals is proud to be helping Escar Entertainment at the CNE this year. We recently delivered 9 units to help Escar Entertainment keep their food items well refrigerated for the duration of the fair. The Ex typically draws over 1 million visitors from across Canada and beyond, so it’s important for food vendors to practise food safety in all the foods that they prepare and sell. Going to The Ex is also an annual family tradition for many Torontonians. There’s really no better way to make memories with friends and family than to go on all the rides and try the latest culinary delights.

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