What You Need to Know About Raw Fish

Raw fish being prepared for a meal.

If you are a caterer, a restaurant, or any business that’s involved with supplying customers with seafood, you probably already know that raw fish cannot become sushi grade (meaning it cannot be consumed raw), unless it has been frozen previously. Many species of fish used for sushi and sashimi (such as salmon) are known to carry parasites that can infect humans. The only way to kill parasites in fish is to freeze them. According to Kobe Jones, a well-known Japanese restaurant chain, parasitic fish like the salmon must be “frozen at 0°F for 7 days, or flash-frozen at -35 °F for 15 hours” before it is safe for consumption. Without being frozen at the right temperature for the appropriate amount of time, parasites like the Japanese broad tapeworm can survive in fish and infect the human body. In fact, a Japanese broad tapeworm can grow up to 30 feet long in the human body if there was no medical intervention (yikes!). More recently, the Food Network channel reported a finding by the CDC (the Centre for Disease Control in the U.S.) that the Japanese broad tapeworm can also be found in wild Alaskan salmon off the Pacific coast of North America, even though it was originally thought to be only found in fish in Asia.

Therefore, if you are a caterer or a restaurateur that’s looking to serve sushi or any dish that involves raw fish, it is incredibly important that you have sufficient freezer space to freeze the fish ahead of time. If you run into a situation where you do not have sufficient refrigeration space, or if your freezer is experiencing failure, you must create a backup plan to ensure that the raw ingredients stay frozen so they are safe for consumption by the public. Sushi and sashimi are delicious dishes in Japanese cuisine enjoyed by many people around the world, including in major Canadian cities like Toronto. There’s no reason to be afraid of serving these delicacies as long as the appropriate steps are taken to maintain food safety.

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